Reading blog on my cell phone. WordPress, SunCom, and OpenWave

12 04 2008

My SunCom phone is not some mega-beast smartphone like y’all richer-than-me whippersnappers have. Its some beat up old candybar Motorola, sans blue-tooth, and over 16 months old, an eon in cellphones.

Nonetheless I was kicking back in a chair with no desire to get on a PC or to talk to anyone, I already enjoyed enough rest and quiet, so I logged on to the internet via the phone. SunCom on my phone and in my area is on an OpenWave platform. This is what it says on the splash screen when you are waiting to connect anyhows (sic). Honestly I have no idea what that really means anyway, but I assume its the protocol needed for the cellphone to do internet.

When I point the url at it displays the heading of my blog, but then when you start to scroll down the page it says the phone has insufficient memory. Somehow though if you just keep pressing down the warning goes away and you can read my most currrent posts.

It was sort of fun because at that exact moment some of my most recent posts were sort of short, but seemed just perfect for a cell phone sized browser.




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