journal 050408

9 05 2008

Its 4:42 pm and I need to be heading to the country.

I’m catching up my financials.

I already got a new mouse and some DVD +RWs for backing up my systems and some binder clips.

Also I loaded up on grapefruit for the week and whole milk for cereal, also coffee and creamer for the store.

Then I got some lunch stuff for while I was shopping and eat it. Also some dinner stuff for when I’m done.

I did my most basic errands of getting my SSI Checks etc. I’ve counted my cash and my most current receipts have been regurgetated up to the desk.

I pulled my Piedmont Natural Gas envelope out of the briefcase and I’m about to bang out all that is relevant for the moment, including map printouts from here to loew’s and then the country house.

Then I will install the roof.

If that doesn’t get me tired then I don’t know what will.




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