What I want in a computer 050908

9 05 2008

What I want in a computer (off the top my head)

Small Form Factor – 2 lbs or less.
Nice look/ color (white “fakintosh” is my current preferrence but willing to sacrifice color)
Tablet Computer Style
Touch Screen
Touch Type Keyboard (smallest usable)
Dual Boot Windows XP (pre-loaded)/Linux (could be my own installation)

800MHz+ 32 bit chip with 533+ fsb with 1-2 Mb Cache
1-2 GB of RAM memory (If I’m doing upgrade myself model should be easy access to memory)
4 GB internal flash drive or 40+ GB HD
8 – 20 GB additional flash or usb memory
802.11 a/b/g
BlueTooth 2.0
exteneral VGA
external usb 2.0
headphone jack
microphone jack
decent battery life (5000+ mHa 3+ hours battery life)
Additional Preferences
802.11 n (not currently available in this for factor)
CF Slot
Memory Stick Slot
external backup drive
(could be large usb or flash drive?)
must be usable with other socket busy.
optical drive
fm transmitter
wish list (not realisticly available on a budget or in this form factor)
integrated optical drive (available high cost)
Triple Boot with Mac OS Leopard or whatever? is the current preferred Mac install (feasible)
firewire Port
7200rpm 10000rpm SATA HD (perhaps simple modification)
integrated 3G cell phone (?avail usb or SD factor)
dual core 64 bit chip (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD 64 X2)
(not yet available in this form factor at a budget – but probably feasible)
what we prefer in computer vendor:
– well known successful company
(available by telephone know physical location of sales division)
– affordable reliable additional warranty and service protection if needed
– reasonable price (not to much higher than cheapest)
– instant rebates good. mail in or email rebate not preferred (argh!!!)
– free shipping and/or accessories are always appreciated

Usually a seperate purchase:
MS Office with Access
Adobe CS3




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