The beginning of the end at 337 S. Greene

20 07 2008

Ever since the city took away the free 2hour parking around my store with no warning, the store at 337 S. Greene St. has proven too expensive.  One of the main problems was the mirrored window with Landlord David Spangler’s information.  David being very attached to the window never allowed a cost effective option for making signage clear to my customers.  With signage as is everybody would expect he was downstairs, thus meaning I must be upstairs, and if I was upstairs, then how could I possibly be a post office.  Of course I actually was downtstairs but it is not apparent from the outside of the building.

So today I have a truck parked outside the building and I am moving all the big stuff tonight into storage.  After a little while I will get my lease deposit back and if all goes well take an office in the heart of downtown on Elm St.  We should continue to operate, except no longer as a retail store.

Customers in the downtown area can call for a package pickup and we can provide packing services which the major carriers do not provide.  Also customer’s visiting downtown can call me to arrange a shipping appointment at the office where I will meet them.  Either way a phone call will be necessary as I will be the Courier and Office Manager, for the foreseeable short term at least.
Anyhow, it has been a great time on Greene Street, to bad that the city doesn’t really support small businesses downtown, unless of course they are based around alcohol!

I am also expanding into publishing see to see the blog associated with our new publications Spare Change News and its free sidekick Exclamation Point.




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