Saturday April 12th 2008

12 04 2008

Although for me the annual report, tax deadlines, and accounts payable are keeping me back on the computer (tonight at my parents apartment, at the Greensboro Lofts), outside here in Downtown Greensboro Anthaneum is playing right between the railroad tracks and Natty Greene’s. A band with Mattie Sheets, Gael, and Don from the Green Bean are playing there at the Coffee Shop.

I stepped out for just a moment to get a latte before it was too late.

I watched from right behind Gael on his string bass. His arms were all pumped and the way he controls a note are particularly exceptional. The young guitar player up front carried a frentic groove while Mattie and the others put in the melody and vocals. Everyone in the band really sounded like they were working together. I don’t know what Mattie was singing about but when I listened I became a bit emotional.

Things really suffer in my family life when I have to work so long and hard, but I haven’t achieved a result which allows us the quality of life that we need. Not doing paperwork has negative consequences which are not fun to enumerate.

My grandmother-in-law, Dot Barnwell will be 93-years old this week. She has lived a very productive and active life and is a role model. She is currently writting a short story that is currently titled, A Nanogenarian Looks Back. She is a three time novelist with recognition in Young Adult Fiction and wrote her last book, Years from Home at the age of 88, and she did it by using a computer with Microsoft Word. She tries to complete the crossword puzzle everyday.


Annual Report, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

10 04 2008

Being that its my first year of operation and I am only beginning to put my numbers in and integrate QuickBooks, I am up to the last minute with my LLC’s Annual report and my Federal and State Business Taxes. Nor am I ready to go yet on my personal taxes.

I hope to be better prepared next year and get my paperwork in on January instead.

just met Derek Dunham

9 04 2008

I’m currently interviewing Derek Dunham a newcomber to NC. He has an interest in bike collectives, social change, and helping people. I’m glad I met him. Perhaps we will restart the courier business.

My computer is still pretty awesome

26 03 2008

Seriously, I am running Ad-Aware spyware remover, AVG anti-virus, Disk Defragmenter, Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 with 6 different images up on its desk, a Word Document, a Notepad Document, and the ScribeFire Add-on to FireFox with 2 Tabs open, and writing onto my blog inside my browser is just fine, no hangs or perceptible delays.

Can you believe I am only running XP on a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with only 1GB of memory!

Microsoft Update has not been my friend today

21 03 2008

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Update has been giving me
problems. It was stalled all day on a
percentage of the download and even a
restart or shutdown seems to diminish its
menacing mediocrity. I keep my computer
clean with anti-spyware, anti-spyware,
anti-malware, and defrag and check disk
on very regular basis. I am careful to
stay on legitimate channels and am
cautious for infringement and attacks.
Then my clients have to suffer at the
hand of my slow computer for long
stretches at a time because of a faulty
microsoft update system? So then I went
once again to the microsoft update site
but forgot that it doesn’t work with
mozilla firefox, so now I am doing it
with IE. Again the same high priority
update is detected as needed. And now
the update icon that had become
non-functional after I instructed it to
download the update has finally
disappeared. I decide to use the install
trigger from the web page though since its
not clear that it has downloaded. This
time it is loading at a normal pace and I
get this update was not installed type
window with the name of the same high
priority update WTF? Close. Then that
window won’t respond by closing. Finally
a solid restart from the start bar (no
Ctrl-Alt-Del/Logoff needed, yipee), and
the system has no update icon present
upon startup. Still I wonder if I have
the update.

WordPress vs. Blogger in ScribeFire

19 03 2008

Scribefire Logo

Right now we are entering our second year of operation at Postal Heaven and suddenly everything has to happen at once. I must prepare for taxes with both the business and personal, then there is an annual report due, also my lease is up in just eleven days and my landlord and I haven’t yet ventured to talk about renewal.

So in order to help me in my accounting shortcomings, both Andy (our management intern) and myself have been learning Quickbooks using an adult education online.

Up till now I’ve been putting my finances in .txt files using notepad.exe. Basically I’m on the electronic version of pen and paper notebook without an actual ledger format.

I work on three different computers which are not exactly seamlessly networked. Two at the store and one at my wife’s grandmother’s house.

I started trying to get in the habit of gathering up the important files I might use at Grandma’s and put them together in a folder for transport using a zip format and then attaching the zip file to an email. I also have tried for a seperate project using the Documents section of a Google Group. Both are somewhat tedious processes to me.

Lately I have been taking the data that I want to keep working with and copying it directly into a private blog where I can edit it at the blog website or using a text editor add-on for bloggers called ScribeFire which works inside of the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Since I’m already a bit familiar with wordpress (I don’t host my own, I use the simpler free version that they host commonly known as , I decided to use the also much commented on, Blogger.

Both WordPress and Blogger worked easily enough with ScribeFire although I haven’t had time to truly scrutinize any functional idiosyncrasies between the two as far as ScribeFire functionality.

Interestingly enough in comparison, I could not get ScribeFire to work as of yet with yahoo’s 360, livejournal, or windows live spaces, although I have been able to at least sign in to Live Spaces and see the existing posts, I haven’t been able to successfully post, even after trying to use the e-post workaround provided at Google Code in a bug and fixes forum about ScribeFire.

So anyhow, Blogger doesn’t at initial configuration do blog stats. WordPress Templates seem to have a degree of seriousness that Blogger’s doesn’t. All around, it seems that WordPress is the pro tool for blogs which are going to be seen.

However the Blogger is perfect for me as a network storage device and workspace in conjunction with ScribeFire. I can Tag the posts much as you can Tag emails in gmail. This is a very effective folder like function and then I wind up with a menu of posts that can really help me get to what I need fast and start working, then leave it behind where I can find it again. Also they have a plain templete which really works well for my generic internal documents.

Writing tedious numerical information with small changes and frequent saves during the time of handling does not seem to be efficient in my new found ScribeFire / Firefox / Blogger environment, but that’s when I cut and paste into the trusty notepad.exe and then copy it back into Blogger using ScribeFire when I’m done. So now my playing around with these up front files is going through a process using Notepad / ScribeFire / Firefox / and Blogger.

When I print these documents out they have a degree of formality that I can’t get out of Notepad but without the inefficiency of a Word Processor. Meaning nice headings, dates, and url (file location) on each page.

These tools seems to help, but because of all the changes stemming from all the learning about blogs, blog services, browser ad-ons for blogs, this business’s first tax season seems to be awfully intense to the noggin

I’m not a graphic artist but I was having some fun in Microsoft Paint with the Spraycan tool

16 03 2008

postal heaven paint jpeg