Today is Leslie and Paul’s Wedding Anniversary

10 09 2008


God could not have provided a finer human being to be my life long friend, christian sister, and wife.  We have much to overcome but with Jesus, the impossible becomes possible.  We have stived these many years, and we can count our anniversary a joy in any circumstances.

I love you Leslie,

Your Husband, Paul

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video of Paul Gydos speaking at Food Not Bomb’s farewell Greensboro

25 08 2008

The link is:

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The beginning of the end at 337 S. Greene

20 07 2008

Ever since the city took away the free 2hour parking around my store with no warning, the store at 337 S. Greene St. has proven too expensive.  One of the main problems was the mirrored window with Landlord David Spangler’s information.  David being very attached to the window never allowed a cost effective option for making signage clear to my customers.  With signage as is everybody would expect he was downstairs, thus meaning I must be upstairs, and if I was upstairs, then how could I possibly be a post office.  Of course I actually was downtstairs but it is not apparent from the outside of the building.

So today I have a truck parked outside the building and I am moving all the big stuff tonight into storage.  After a little while I will get my lease deposit back and if all goes well take an office in the heart of downtown on Elm St.  We should continue to operate, except no longer as a retail store.

Customers in the downtown area can call for a package pickup and we can provide packing services which the major carriers do not provide.  Also customer’s visiting downtown can call me to arrange a shipping appointment at the office where I will meet them.  Either way a phone call will be necessary as I will be the Courier and Office Manager, for the foreseeable short term at least.
Anyhow, it has been a great time on Greene Street, to bad that the city doesn’t really support small businesses downtown, unless of course they are based around alcohol!

I am also expanding into publishing see to see the blog associated with our new publications Spare Change News and its free sidekick Exclamation Point.

What I want in a computer 050908

9 05 2008

What I want in a computer (off the top my head)

Small Form Factor – 2 lbs or less.
Nice look/ color (white “fakintosh” is my current preferrence but willing to sacrifice color)
Tablet Computer Style
Touch Screen
Touch Type Keyboard (smallest usable)
Dual Boot Windows XP (pre-loaded)/Linux (could be my own installation)

800MHz+ 32 bit chip with 533+ fsb with 1-2 Mb Cache
1-2 GB of RAM memory (If I’m doing upgrade myself model should be easy access to memory)
4 GB internal flash drive or 40+ GB HD
8 – 20 GB additional flash or usb memory
802.11 a/b/g
BlueTooth 2.0
exteneral VGA
external usb 2.0
headphone jack
microphone jack
decent battery life (5000+ mHa 3+ hours battery life)
Additional Preferences
802.11 n (not currently available in this for factor)
CF Slot
Memory Stick Slot
external backup drive
(could be large usb or flash drive?)
must be usable with other socket busy.
optical drive
fm transmitter
wish list (not realisticly available on a budget or in this form factor)
integrated optical drive (available high cost)
Triple Boot with Mac OS Leopard or whatever? is the current preferred Mac install (feasible)
firewire Port
7200rpm 10000rpm SATA HD (perhaps simple modification)
integrated 3G cell phone (?avail usb or SD factor)
dual core 64 bit chip (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD 64 X2)
(not yet available in this form factor at a budget – but probably feasible)
what we prefer in computer vendor:
– well known successful company
(available by telephone know physical location of sales division)
– affordable reliable additional warranty and service protection if needed
– reasonable price (not to much higher than cheapest)
– instant rebates good. mail in or email rebate not preferred (argh!!!)
– free shipping and/or accessories are always appreciated

Usually a seperate purchase:
MS Office with Access
Adobe CS3

journal 050408

9 05 2008

Its 4:42 pm and I need to be heading to the country.

I’m catching up my financials.

I already got a new mouse and some DVD +RWs for backing up my systems and some binder clips.

Also I loaded up on grapefruit for the week and whole milk for cereal, also coffee and creamer for the store.

Then I got some lunch stuff for while I was shopping and eat it. Also some dinner stuff for when I’m done.

I did my most basic errands of getting my SSI Checks etc. I’ve counted my cash and my most current receipts have been regurgetated up to the desk.

I pulled my Piedmont Natural Gas envelope out of the briefcase and I’m about to bang out all that is relevant for the moment, including map printouts from here to loew’s and then the country house.

Then I will install the roof.

If that doesn’t get me tired then I don’t know what will.

So much changing.

8 05 2008

I’ve been studying the purchase of a small laptop or a mini-computer.  I’ve learned so much about this genre which is re-emerging because of the popularity of the Asus Eee, now I’m thinking about re-selling these things.  I’ve done a quick pencil sketch of the business plan and reviewed it with my Dad and maybe we are on to something.


Reading blog on my cell phone. WordPress, SunCom, and OpenWave

12 04 2008

My SunCom phone is not some mega-beast smartphone like y’all richer-than-me whippersnappers have. Its some beat up old candybar Motorola, sans blue-tooth, and over 16 months old, an eon in cellphones.

Nonetheless I was kicking back in a chair with no desire to get on a PC or to talk to anyone, I already enjoyed enough rest and quiet, so I logged on to the internet via the phone. SunCom on my phone and in my area is on an OpenWave platform. This is what it says on the splash screen when you are waiting to connect anyhows (sic). Honestly I have no idea what that really means anyway, but I assume its the protocol needed for the cellphone to do internet.

When I point the url at it displays the heading of my blog, but then when you start to scroll down the page it says the phone has insufficient memory. Somehow though if you just keep pressing down the warning goes away and you can read my most currrent posts.

It was sort of fun because at that exact moment some of my most recent posts were sort of short, but seemed just perfect for a cell phone sized browser.